Equipment List

Manufacturing Group

2Trumpf L2520 Laser Cutting Center

2Cleveland 100 Ton Press Air Clutch

14" Shut Height, 4" Stroke, 26" x 38" Bed Area, 16-1/2" x 17 40 Strokes

1Niagara 150 Ton Press Air Clutch

8" Stroke, 22-1/2" Shut Height, 30" x 50" Bed Area, 22" x 25" Ram Area Airpad

2Model 68 Chicago Press Break 90 Ton

Dynabend Automatic Back Gauge with NC & Digital Readout

1Cincinnati 60 Proform Press Break

60 Ton Press

1Trumpf C110 Hydraulic Press Break

110 Ton Press

Welding Group

2Miller Aircrafter 330 ST AC-DC Arc 7 Tig

2ESAB Migmaster 250 Welders

1ESAB ST23A Spool Gun Welder

2Hypertherm Plasma Cutters

1McCreery 80 KVA Presstype Spotwelder w/24" throat

1McCreery 19 KVA Spotwelder

Machine Group

4Bridgeport Mills w/NC Programmable Digital Readout

1Johnson Drilling Machine 7 hp HD box with GE Power feed 16 speed

1Reed Surface Grinder 6" wheel x 6 x 18 table


The TRUMATIC L 2530 Plus features the tried-and-proven, high-quality design of TRUMPF flatbed laser cutting machines that guarantees high levels of speed, precision and flexibility. Thanks to the intelligent use of the new Sprint axis, the machine’s dynamics and reaction time have increased substantially.

Especially in the programming of parts with mostly small contours, this yields notably faster machining speeds and yet higher productivity.

An additional Y axis, the so-called Sprint axis, has been integrated in the motion unit. Unlike the standard Y axis, the Sprint axis does not move the entire motion unit but only the cutting head. This makes for considerably higher dynamics and the cycle time can be reduced by up to 30%, depending on the part geometry.

The TRUMATIC L2530 Plus rounds off the line of flatbed laser machines and unites the tried-and-tested with a new concept.

Working RangeMax. Sheet ThicknessMax. Axis SpeedsTrumpf CO2-Laser
X axis: 2500 mm20 mm (mild steel)85 m/min (appr. simultaneously)TLF 2000/ 2700/ 3200/ 4000
Y axis: 1250 mm15 mm (stainless steel)
Z axis: 115 mm10 mm (aluminum)

Press Brake - TrumaBend

TRUMPF’s TrumaBend C Series offers TRUMPF bending technology in an entry-level package designed for easy, cost-efficient bending in situations where more advanced performance options are unnecessary. The C Series features automatic compensation for deflection, a programmable back gauge, new 4-cylinder ram drive, and a unique crowning system.

Unique to our C series is a newly designed system that automatically compensates for machine deflection.

The C series also includes a back gauge extension table to prevent sheets longer than 150 mm from warping or flexing during processing.

The C series can accommodate any style tooling available on the market. It can be configured with a 2 or 4 axis back gauge, and comes standard with automatic bed crowning.

C Series ModelsAvailable TonnageBending LengthsSpeed of Travel AdvanceSpeed of Travel Reverse
C 1101100 kN3110 mm350 mm/s100 mm/s

Press Brake - ProForm+

The Proform+ includes numerous premium-engineering features that ensure reliable, long-lived operation. Clevis-mounted cylinders and centerline loading confine operating stress to the main housing, eliminating cylinder misalignment. The Machine’s Variable Volume Load Sensing (VVLS) hydraulic system lowers maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency. Hydraulic cylinders use hardened piston rods with precision guiding to minimize oil leaks, and the machine’s heavy plate frame is precision machined and rigidly interlocked – not welded – to better resist deflection for years of precision forming at maximum loading.

The Proform+’s powerful, PC-based control combines 3D graphics interface with simple touch-screen operation to speed setup and programming times, as well as optimize throughput. New part programs can be generated through manual data entry or by drawing the part in cross-section or flat pattern, and then selecting tooling and bend sequence. A special job setup page displays tool segment lengths and tool locations, as well as notes to improve part consistency.