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We’re On the Cutting Edge

With over 50 years of experience and know-how in the industry, J&L provides complete satisfaction for our customers with each and every job.

So whether it’s forming and pressbreak parts, precision laser blanks, or assembling components, our experienced staff will assist you with every facet from start to finish.

As a full service company, J&L also has a complete range of job shop capabilities that includes MIG and TIG welding, spot welding, assemblies and packaging too.

At J&L we are the problem solvers.

Manufacturing, Stamping & Fabrication for Low Volume Production

For over 50 years, we have produced and reworked components for a diverse range of customers with many different requirements.

In maintaining our high level of quality we employ a specialized workforce in a modern self contained facility that manufactures world-class parts.

At J&L, we use the latest technology to work with and assist engineering in developing quality, cost-effective parts. By being involved at an early stage, we are committed to helping streamline and simplify the manufacturing process, and ultimately reduce our customers costs.